Accessible Tourism on the Water

We proudly offer one of Tasmania's best inclusive tourism experiences.


When we designed Spirit of the Wild, we placed an emphasis on the accessible features of the vessel. In addition, our terminal building’s design allows equal access.

With dedicated guides on board Spirit of the Wild, as well as easy ramp access and dedicated accessible toilets on the Main Deck, we aim to make our equal access experience seamless.  Handrails are available in numerous locations around the vessel and dedicated seats spaces are available for guests who would like to bring a wheelchair on board and either use it as seating or store it.

Both land excursions (Heritage Landing and Sarah Island) allow for easy disembarkation. Heritage Landing’s raised non-slip boardwalk is truly accessible and with the exception of a small set of steps that can be navigated around, Sarah Island also offers an accessible experience.

Click here for a 360° virtual tour of Spirit of the Wild.

If you would like to inquire about how we can assist with ensuring your experience with is comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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