Cruise ship experience in Gordon River near Gordon River Cruise

3 reasons why a Gordon River Cruise should be part of your spring itinerary

An Exterior view of The Gordon River Cruise by the deck
A landscape view of the river & forest near Gordon River Cruise
A lighthouse by the mountains near Gordon River Cruise
Interior of Spirit of the Wild ship at Gordon River Cruise

Spring has sprung, which means there's no better time to dust of your hiking boots, grab the camera and pack your bags, and venture to the west coast! No trip to the west coast is complete without cruising the mighty Gordon River and Macquarie Harbour with Gordon River Cruises. It’s a place of rich history, with stories to be told – from the Aboriginal tribes of 40,000 years ago, to the environmental protests of the late 20th century. Here are a few reasons why Gordon River Cruises should be a part of your spring itinerary.


Quiet Cruising on the Gordon River

Once we arrive on the Gordon River, Spirit of the Wild uses it's hybrid electric motors to active 'whisper mode'. This quiet cruising is a tranquil experience that immerses guests in the UNSECO World Heritage Wilderness. Hear the birds chirping, trees swaying in the breeze and marvel at the famous reflections on the Gordon River. Each day we are the first cruise vessel on the river, which means you have an excellent chance to see the reflections - so don't forget your camera!


Immersive Interpretation

Our interpretation experience includes a unique blend of on-board guides, Round Earth Company theatrics on Sarah Island and digital character stories as you journey through Hells Gates, the Gordon River, Heritage Landing and throughout Macquarie Harbour. Together they weave a rich tale of the harsh convict life on Sarah Island of yesteryear, to the environmental activism of the 20th century. There is no substitute for this special interpretative experience.


The Premier Upper Deck

On our purpose-built vessel, Spirit of the Wild, the Premier Upper Deck is a true bucket list item for those looking for something a little extra on their west coast getaway. This premium experience is includes angled leather reclining seats, an open bar throughout, a private viewing deck, canapés, afternoon tea and a buffet lunch showcasing only the freshest Tasmanian produce.


We look forward to welcoming you aboard Spirit of the Wild.